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    November 27, 2019

    Taking the First Steps to Traceability

    We’ve outlined ten steps you can take to get started on traceability today. Download the 10 Steps to Traceability checklist to learn key actions you can take to evolve the strategies that comprise your overall food safety program. While the path to achieving end-to-end traceability may seem daunting and intimidating, momentum will drive you forward. Consult this guide to take the first steps. 

    If you aren't tracking and monitoring your supply chain, you're not only missing the chance to increase your profitability; you're missing the opportunity to improve the reputation and security of your business.

    The vision of what traceability was five to ten years ago is becoming a reality today. Across the globe, leading food brands are already taking action to incorporate end-to-end traceability. By stitching together the Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) that make up their supply chains, these organizations are ultimately able to grasp complete visibility into their products' journeys and life cycles. As a result, it's critical to get the right pieces in place to effectively launch and expand your traceability program.

    Below, we've outlined the first essential five steps to follow for traceability success: 


    1. Create a GS1 Standards program across your organization, adding GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) and GLNs (Global Location Numbers) to your internal systems, programs and supplier agreements.
    2. Acquire a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 US. Learn how to get your GS1 prefix by using the GS1 US’s starters guide.
    3. Assign GLNs to all of your relevant sites, such as restaurants and distribution centers. For more information, read the GS1 US resource for creating GLNs.
    4. Update your supplier agreements to include GS1 Standards adoption and traceability compliance. 
    5. Update your supplier guidelines to include GS1 Standards and traceability program details. There are many resources on GS1 traceability standards to help guide the evolution of your business operations.

    These five steps will put you in a great position to implement true farm-to-fork traceability across your supply chain. Download our 10 Steps to Traceability guiding document to learn more tips for preparing your business.


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