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    February 24, 2022

    How GS1 Standards Enable Full-Chain Traceability at BakingTECH 2022

    FoodLogiQ's Julie McGill will be at BakingTECH 2022 to discuss how GS1 Standards enable full-chain traceability and hear how companies use standards today to realize this vision.

    Founded in 1924, the American Society of Baking (ASB) has an international scope, representing over 43 other countries serving 1,400 members. The mission of ASB is to bring together individuals in the grain-based food industry for professional development, recognition, education, and leadership. Their vision is to create an environment for educating, communicating, and sharing knowledge to enhance their members and the industry they serve.

    This in-person conference features speakers from Panera, Bimbo Bakeries, Flowers Foods, and New Horizons Baking. Sessions will explore many topics such as ingredient technology, engineering, marketing/sales, artisan baking, and a focus for retail bakers transitioning to wholesale and scaling to increase production. Julie McGill, FoodLogiQ's Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy and Insights, will speak at the event on Thursday, March 3rd. Her session, "Getting Ready for Traceability Record-keeping: FSMA 204 Proposed Rule", will provide insights on preparing for FSMA 204, highlighting how a standards-based approach will enable you and your trading partners to collect and share traceability data. 

    In November 2022, the FDA will finalize FSMA 204, the proposed rule for enhanced traceability recordkeeping. Companies will be required to capture additional traceability information about the products they make, move, or buy. What does this mean for your company, and how can you get ready? Section 204 of the Food Safety Modernization Act instructs the FDA to develop additional recordkeeping requirements for certain foods. Learn how your company can digitize and capture the data required for this proposed rule. Understand how GS1 standards enable full-chain traceability and hear how companies use standards today to realize this vision.


    Join FoodLogiQ's Julie McGill on Thursday, March 3rd at BakingTECH 2022 for her presentation entitled "Getting Ready for Traceability Record-Keeping:  FSMA 204 Proposed Rule". She shares ways to understand what data your company is responsible for collecting, determining your role in the supply chain, and evaluating your products and ingredients on the FDA's Food Traceability List (FTL).

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