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    February 4, 2021

    Consumer Sentiment on Food Transparency and Recall Responsiveness

    Learn what over 2,000 US Consumers had to say about food transparency in FoodLogiQ's latest E-Book, Consumer Report: Sentiment on Food Transparency and Recall Responsiveness.

    The consumer mindset about food has evolved dramatically in the last decade. With information at the tips of their fingertips, and heightened vigilance in the wake of a global pandemic, consumers’ demand for healthy, safe and ethical food products has graduated from a passing trend to a full shift in public consciousness. The modern consumer now requires the same technology-enabled experience and visibility that has become emblematic of life in the new millennium. For food brands weighing the upstart costs of keeping up with these expectations, it is important to understand how consumers value transparency.

    Consumer Report Food TransparencyFood transparency is a sweeping domain that necessitates strong supply chain fundamentals. From stellar supplier management processes and product tracking, to well articulated sustainability practices and global human welfare auditing, to quality risk identification and response, brands not only limit their exposure to liability, fines, and hashtag boycotts, but have found ways to parlay consumer trust into garnering a greater market share. 

    In a 2017 study, over 90% of respondents indicated that transparency across sourcing, ingredients, processing, handling and sustainability was important to them. And, with roughly 90% of respondents indicating that they would pay more for transparent food products, early data shows there is tremendous value tied to giving consumers visibility into where their food is coming from. But, what is the cost of not having transparency?

    To shed additional light on this subject, FoodLogiQ conducted a national survey that taps into how U.S. consumers feel about transparency-related issues and lapses. Read our report detailing consumer sentiment trends related to transparency and recall responsiveness here

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