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    July 13, 2022

    Customize CAPA Workflows to Monitor Food Safety

    A critical component of any food company’s quality management is a decisive corrective and preventive action (CAPA) system to ensure product safety. The FDA defines corrective and preventative action as “One of the most important quality system elements."

    Corrective and preventive actions include collecting and analyzing information, identifying and investigating product and quality problems, and taking appropriate and effective corrective and/or preventive action to prevent their recurrence.

    Although grouped in CAPA standards, corrective and preventative actions should be viewed as two distinct aspects.

    • Corrective actions eliminate the cause of an existing product issue or problem to prevent a recurrence.
    • Preventive actions are taken to identify and eliminate the cause of the potential product issue or problem to prevent its occurrence. Ideally, companies are taking proactive preventative actions to avoid the need for any corrective actions.

    With food safety remaining a top priority for consumers and companies alike, companies must be able to monitor and track supplier actions and performance to ensure product quality and safety. Companies should not only be correcting food product issues when they occur but actively taking steps toward preventing those occurrences as well. 

    So, how can your company ensure it’s taking the right approach to CAPA?

    Investing in a solution that enables your company to establish a customizable CAPA workflow can provide immense value to your company’s quality assurance processes and procedures. A customizable CAPA workflow in a food safety system can help your business ensure food product quality and safety by allowing you to manage, monitor, and track suppliers throughout the entire supply chain. It also provides a way for companies to identify, document, and respond to any quality events swiftly and efficiently.

    With FoodLogiQ’s Connect, you can:

    1. Onboard suppliers through a workflow and standardize your supplier information in a single platform.
    2. Monitor supplier management and quality incidents to ensure requirements are met on time.
    3. Make changes with customizable workflows around documentation, internal audits, assessments, and more.
    4. Utilize real-time data to track product location and make informed decisions that guarantee product safety.
    5. Reduce the time to resolution for your CAPA and provide higher-level analytics surrounding the CAPA time-to-completion. [See FoodLogiQ Connect's Spring 2022 Release]
    6. Be confident you have the materials and documentation if the FDA requests records or conducts an audit.

    Lastly, in Connect, users can create corrective actions in response to a particular issue as it arises and notify appropriate individuals about the required CAPA(s). This data can also be exported for further analysis and future reference and will not only reflect associated CAPAs but also include any corresponding point values. The latter is critical for identifying and instituting process improvements and documenting a secure, detailed history of events.

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