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    October 21, 2021

    Embracing the Value of FoodLogiQ’s Global Supplier Network

    As the industry-leading software solution for traceability, transparency, recall and supply chain management, FoodLogiQ Connect provides a whole host of benefits leveraged by some of the world’s largest and most distinguished food and beverage brands. The Connect platform supports an extensive range of use cases, and solves for a wide array of issues, inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization across the supply chain. FoodLogiQ customers utilize Connect in a variety of applications to strengthen, expand and enhance their food safety and supply chain management processes every day.

    While the solution and the functionality that it encompasses provide a high concentration of value across the food chain, it’s also important to highlight the advantages gained through some accompanying elements to Connect. One such critical factor is FoodLogiQ’s global supplier network. Read on to learn more about the vast supplier community working to connect the world’s supply chain on FoodLogiQ’s platform. 

    A Growing Global Network of Suppliers

    The FoodLogiQ supplier network is not only active, but extensive. Every day, thousands of globally based suppliers utilize the Connect platform to collaborate with supply chain partners across the food industry. This ongoing collaboration and communication is key in ensuring compliance with the food safety and quality programs of some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and foodservice organizations. As part of this process, the extensive FoodLogiQ supplier base has leveraged Connect to share over 304,000 digital documents that correlate with about one million brand and supplier products, to date. In addition, suppliers on the FoodLogiQ Connect platform have engaged in more than 38,000 automated workflows to support ongoing compliance, as well as aided in the resolution of over 904,000 quality incidents and issues across the supply chain.

    In terms of global presence, Connect hosts approximately 146,000 international supplier and brand locations that are engaged in linking the food chain. More than one fifth of these are located outside of the United States, spanning an impressive 133 different countries in total. And approximately one-third of the supplier network on FoodLogiQ Connect is located internationally. Given the extensive coverage and variance in national and local regulations, it’s important for these organizations to have a centralized, digitized space for continual communication and collaboration with their buyers and supply chain partners. Suppliers across the globe can leverage Connect to comply with evolving regulatory and brand standards, as well as reference a digital record of their actions when needed, such as in response to an audit.

    The Benefits of an Extensive Supplier Base

    This expanding community of suppliers generates a wide range of benefits for FoodLogiQ partners, from enhanced efficiency in onboarding and program implementation, to ongoing successes in supply chain and quality management. Coincidentally, it’s quite common for FoodLogiQ customers to discover that the majority of their supplier base is already active and engaged within the platform, which is significantly impactful in reducing ramp-up and execution times. Suppliers that have completed onboarding onto Connect, and that are already sharing key product, location and business data with their partners contribute to a swifter, smoother and more simple experience among partnering brands – especially those that are just getting started on the platform. 

    In addition, this network of suppliers contributes to more consistent, replicable and efficient process management, as well as stronger, more accurate data practices. The ability to upload key data and documentation once, and share it across multiple partners guarantees that the right data reaches the right individuals at the right time. Furthermore, this streamlined process reduces unnecessary, convoluted interactions involved in the search for missing or inaccurate data, and acts as a digital record for future reference. Leveraging Connect, FoodLogiQ customers have been able to reduce the time it takes to access required documentation from hours to minutes.

    The established and growing supplier base on FoodLogiQ Connect enables enterprise food and beverage brands to achieve greater, more immediate visibility into the inner workings of their supply chains. As a result, they are able to actively manage, nurture and expand supply chain partnerships, reduce risk, introduce preventive processes, and make informed, data-driven business decisions that tie back to their bottom line.

    Prioritizing the Supplier Experience

    The Connect platform is designed to prioritize the supplier experience via secure accessibility, ease of use and straightforward interactivity. Product features such as the Supplier To-Do List make responding to required actions and staying atop of compliance-driven tasks easy and accessible. This is also true for functionality such as Dashboard Quick Actions, which, like the Supplier To-Do List, inform the supplier base of necessary tasks, and simplify the process of completing required onboarding actions, documentation requests and data submission. In addition, automated processes such as guided onboarding workflows reduce barriers to entry and support simplified supplier engagement from the start.

    Within Track + Trace, suppliers can easily produce GS1 and PTI-compliant labels that include GTIN product identifiers, batch lot numbers and code dates, with the click of a button. Additionally, FoodLogiQ offers a wide range of options for submitting traceability event data, including via web form, EDI, CSV, CSV via FTP, API, RFID and mobile device scanning. And when an issue occurs and requires immediate action, Recall + Response’s automated phone call, text and email messaging capabilities make it easy for suppliers to quickly acknowledge and respond.

    As the leading supplier of edible oils, mayonnaise, dressings and sauces to the foodservice, food ingredients and retail private label markets in North America, Stratas Foods, LLC has built a reputation for providing superior quality goods, on time and on budget. Senior Manager of Corporate Quality Assurance Kelley Singleton states, “With FoodLogiQ Connect, everything we need to fulfill customer requirements is on a streamlined dashboard. It’s very user-friendly, and provides us with a checklist so we know exactly what we need to do. Connect is very transparent, making communications between Stratas and our customers as simple as 1-2-3. I wish all of our customers used FoodLogiQ.”

    FoodLogiQ is also committed to continual product innovation, and works to enhance and improve the supplier experience on a regular basis. For example, much work has been, and continues to be, done surrounding the Supplier Dashboard to ensure that this space acts as a consolidated, central point of reference for suppliers. As a control center for FoodLogiQ’s supplier base, this dashboard serves as a crucial source for pertinent knowledge, upcoming required actions and performance indicators. It also minimizes obstacles to access and navigation challenges, further streamlining the supplier experience

    Expanding with FoodLogiQ’s Supplier Network

    FoodLogiQ features a vast, global supplier community that leverages the Connect platform to maintain compliance with purchasing partners, nurture these relationships and connect the world’s supply chain. In doing so, this network directly fuels the food safety and quality, traceability and recall management programs of some of the world’s biggest and most influential food brands. To learn more about the immense value contributed by FoodLogiQ’s supplier community, as well as the key advantages of being a supplier on the Connect platform, download our guide, “The Benefits of Being a Supplier on FoodLogiQ Connect.”


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