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    February 24, 2016

    Beyond Safety: Benefits of Food Supply Chain Traceability

    We all know the important role food supply chain traceability plays in food safety. Being transparent about where your food comes from helps put customers’ minds at ease—and also can help resolve a food safety issue more quickly, should one arise. But what about the other benefits food supply chain traceability can have for your restaurant? Can being transparent about your supply chain provide an additional ROI for your business, beyond safety?

    Today’s restaurantgoers are more concerned than ever about what they’re eating and where their food is coming from. With this trend toward awareness and transparency, you can capitalize on additional benefits for your business, simply by telling your customers more about your processes. Here’s how:

    Enhanced Credibility

    Being open about your supply chain shows you have nothing to hide. This transparency will resonate with your customers and help build your credibility as a trusted place to bring their business. Improving your credibility can also help to further establish your branding and help you stand out from the competition. Your customers will be more likely to choose you knowing they can trust where your food comes from.

    Transparent Marketing

    Supply chain traceability allows you to create a “farm-to-fork” story that can be a very effective marketing tool. Consumers like to know they’re putting good, clean ingredients in their body and they like to know they’re supporting local farmers at the same time. By using your supply chain as a marketing tool, you can attract a health-conscious audience. While many companies like to claim their food is “farm fresh,” traceability allows you to authenticate your sources.

    Increased Reliability for Consumers

    Meticulously tracing your supply chain helps to ensure consistent quality of suppliers across each chain or franchise of your business. This means the food your customers eat is always exactly the same, regardless of which location they visit. This level of reliability and consistency helps solidify your brand and lets your customers know they can trust your product. Rather than worrying your food may be “hit or miss” depending on location, they’ll know what level of quality they can expect.

    More Operational Efficiency

    You depend on your supply chain to maintain efficiency in the daily operations of your business. Traceability helps to improve communication between you and your suppliers, which keeps everyone on the same page and helps improve efficiency. When your processes are running smoothly, your relationships with your suppliers, employers and customers all benefit.

    So, there you have it: The benefits of food supply traceability go well beyond food safety. With the opportunity to improve your business’ branding, marketing, reputation and processes, traceability software is an investment that can transform your entire business.

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