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    May 25, 2023

    FoodLogiQ Spring 2023 Release Brings Enhanced Experiences and Names

    FoodLogiQ’s Spring 2023 Release aligns closely to current regulatory changes, offers an enhanced user experience, and includes new product names.

    Trustwell continues our strategic direction through the FoodLogiQ products to map the world’s food chain, make it as safe as possible, and commit to advancing the food industry through innovation and technology. Thanks to the support and input of our customers, FoodLogiQ’s Spring 2023 Release is focused on optimizing customer experience through enhancements to the supplier experience, supplier workflow, and aiding with FSMA 204 compliance.  

    Along with this release, customers will now notice that product names have changed. In your navigation panel, you will see that the following has been updated: 

    FSMA 204 Enhancements  

    In FoodLogiQ Traceability, users can now export events to a FSMA 204 ESS (Electronic Sortable Spreadsheet) format in compliance with the updates made in Section 204 of the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA). FSMA 204 is a ruling that outlines enhanced traceability and recordkeeping requirements for anyone that handles items on the Food Traceability List. Exports to this format will download a zip file containing the relevant event, location, and product information required by the FDA for FSMA 204. 

    Additional enhancements to events allow users to take action when event contents expire before an event date. In these cases, the Best Before or Expiration/Use By dates will display in red to aid in visibility and flag data. 

    The Spring 2023 Release also adds two new configurable product attributes: an Ingredient Statement and a Food Traceability List Item (FTL) flag. The FTL attribute, as well as extended GPC Brick support, ease the onboarding experience and align with FSMA 204 requirements. 

    Unlocked Item Types 

    An additional update that customers will notice is the ability to change the type and custom attributes of a document a supplier has shared. Customers can still edit the custom attributes of shared products and locations and can change the product type and location type of these items as well. This update allows those involved in the review process to be self-sufficient in addressing misclassifications and streamlining processes.  

    Supplier To-Do Experience  

    Optimizing the supplier to-do experience is essential in quickening supplier onboarding and movement through workflows. In the Spring 2023 Release, suppliers will now see additional context on document to-dos, giving them assurance that they are uploading the correct items. 

    A screenshot showing suppliers can now see additional context on document to-dos, giving them assurance that they are uploading the correct items.

    Product Evaluation Table  

    Recently introduced in the Spring 2023 Release is the option for audit administrators to add custom selection lists as a data field type on a product evaluation table question. Custom selection lists create precise rules for user responses, eliminating discrepancies and entry issues. Admins may provide acceptable and unacceptable values for users to select from and can also allow for selecting multiple options when completing this question type on an audit.  

    Read the Full Release Notes and More 

    Check out these FoodLogiQ Knowledge Base articles related to this release: 

    For more information on the technical updates for this release, check out our Release Notes, or reach out to for questions. 

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