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    February 23, 2023

    FoodLogiQ’s Winter 2023 Release

    FoodLogiQ's Winter 2023 Release increases the platform's personalization and improves trend analysis, allowing customers to enhance their experience and productivity.

    FoodLogiQ continues our commitment to customers to advance innovation in the food industry with the support and input of our customers. This year, Trustwell's FoodLogiQ suite enhancements will focus product updates on a few key themes: continued enhancements related to the new FSMA 204 traceability requirements, expanded integrations and interoperability, enhancements to the supplier experience, and actionable intelligence through updated or expanded reporting features.

    Configurable Product Attributes

    The Trustwell Connect platform serves a wide range of businesses along the food supply chain, making configurability paramount to the success of your business. To support this, we have made enhancements available in FoodLogiQ to identify which default attributes associated to your products should be required, optional, or not visible, depending on your needs, product tracking, and recordkeeping.

    Customers will now notice a green icon labeled "Add Custom Attributes" in the Product Type configuration. From this menu, you can now choose which attributes should be visible to suppliers in the "create a product" widget based on your unique needs. Attributes can include country of origin, grade code, GLN information, UPC, and more, and additional attributes will be added in future releases. This enhancement allows suppliers to see required and optional attributes per product, streamlining compliance and easing onboarding.

    Winter2023ReleaseNew and Updated Widgets

    New widget updates across the desktop platform will assist you in further identification of important tasks, recordkeeping aspects, and assuring your compliance needs.

    • Open To-Dos: Customers will now notice an "Open to-dos" widget upon adding them using the green “+” on the right side of their FoodLogiQ dashboard that uses data currently collected by the platform in an easier-to-use format. The widget showcases open supplier to-dos organized by type, allowing customers to identify tasks needing attention from suppliers.

      Some to-dos include documentation requirements, expiring documents, assessment requirements, scheduled assessments, and missing attributes. Future releases will include other to-do tasks based on customer needs.

    • Supplier Days to Onboard: Within the update, a widget has been added to better track supplier onboarding timelines. The "Supplier Days to Onboard" widget will allow customers to understand and estimate the time it takes to transition a supplier from "onboarding" status category to an "onboarding complete" status. This widget also creates a graph showing the trends for onboarding timelines to increase customer visibility.

    • Time to Incident Resolution: To help users understand distributor performance on the time it takes them to respond to an incident, the "Comparison of Incident Time to Resolution by Distributor" widget has been added. This widget highlights the comparison of the average number of days to resolution per incident over the last three months and groups results by distributor. In addition, the widget will compile information based on which distributors have a "completed" status for any distributor incidents. The comparison also includes an average time to resolution allowing FoodLogiQ users to identify outliers among their distributors better – either those that are performing poorly and might need evaluation or those that are overperforming and could share their best practices.

    • Product Shelf Life: Also, in this release, two additional widgets were added to FoodLogiQ Traceability dashboard to provide intelligent trend analysis around distributor and supplier performance related to your traceability program.

      The "Comparison of Product Type Shelf Life by Distributor" widget analyzes the shelf life of products grouped by product type and distributor. Customers can filter by product type at the top and average the results based on distributor incidents. Customers can view the distributors' events page to see the correlating events, aiding them in diagnosing issues.
    • Traceability Data Accuracy Warnings: This widget will help customers identify data that could be questionable or inaccurate, based on the data provided to the platform. If a supplier or distributor appears in this widget, customers can identify incorrect or alarming data for investigation.

    Read the Full Release Notes and More

    Check out these FoodLogiQ Knowledge Base articles related to this release:

    For more information on the technical updates for this release, check out our Release Notes, or reach out to for questions.


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