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    April 8, 2022

    How To Compare Recipes Side-by-Side

    Often times our customers ask us how they can review and compare recipes side-by-side. One of the easily overlooked but often helpful features in Genesis R&D is the Tile Vertical option under the View tab. This lets you view recipes, ingredients, Nutrition Facts Labels, and other documents side-by-side.

    Getting Started

    First, make sure you’re using the correct workspace view. Go to Preferences > General > Workspace view and select Multi-document.

    View Two Recipes Side-by-Side

    Open two recipes. Then go to View and select Tile Vertically. From here you can compare the two open recipes.

    View Your Recipe and Label Side-by-Side

    Alternatively, you can view your recipe and Nutrition Facts Label on the same screen and watch how the label updates when you make changes to the recipe. Again, with the recipe and view label windows open, select Tile Vertically.

    Learn More!

    For more helpful tips on comparing your data, check out our webinar: Ingredient Data Deep Dive. During this webinar, we discuss various methods for reviewing the nutrient data that makes up your ingredients.

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