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    July 27, 2020

    How To Display Two or More %DV Columns in Genesis R&D Supplements

    The FDA requires that the percent Daily Value (%DV) be displayed for nutrients listed on a Supplement Facts label when that nutrient has an established %DV. Most often, the %DV column shown is for Adults and Children over 4 years old. In some cases, however, you may wish to display the %DV for other age or reference groups.

    The four age/reference groups are:

    • Infant (0-12 months)
    • Less than 4 (Children 1-3)
    • Adult and Children over 4
    • Pregnant and Lactating

    When your supplement product is intended for more than one age group, the percent Daily Value for each group should be presented in separate columns. For example, a multi-vitamin for children over the age of one would need to list two separate % DV columns, one column for Children 1-3 and another column for Adults and Children 4 and over. The Serving Size (1 tablet) and “Amount Per Serving” for each nutrient would remain the same, but the %DV would differ by age group.

    In this scenario, the Supplement Facts label would look something like this:

    This blog will go over how to display two %DV columns in Genesis R&D Supplements.

    How to Display Recommendations for Different Age Groups

    1. With your formula onscreen, click the Label tab. Your Label view will open:
    2. On the left of the screen, expand the Header menu by clicking the arrow button.
    3. Under Percent Daily Value Columns, choose the + (add) Profile button. A new column will appear.
    4. Expand the menu and select Children <4. The program will automatically calculate the % DV for the new profile based on current regulations.
    5. When displaying two %DV columns you must display the full header to avoid confusion. For the Adult column, select % Daily Values for Adults or Children 4 or more Years of Age. For the Children < 4 column header text, select % Daily Value for Children 1 to 3 Years of Age.
    6. At this point, you will probably have to adjust your label’s spacing. Use the adjustment bars to do so.
    7. Click Save when you’re finished.

    Watch the Tutorial:

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