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    October 25, 2016

    Nutrition Facts Label Industry Resources

    The introduction of the FDA’s new Nutrition Facts Label regulations has stirred up a lot of questions and some confusion. We have compiled this list of resources to help you find the answers you need.

    Government Resources

    FDA’s Overview of Changes
    The FDA has put together a summary of the changes here, including an FAQ section. This is a good place to start if you’re just now trying to navigate the modified rules.

    FDA Nutrition Facts Label FAQ
    The FDA has created a page that addresses the industry’s most frequently asked questions thus far about the new labels, including rounding rules and formatting. Additional guidance will be added when available.

    The FDA Website
    This is the main portal for all things FDA. Bookmark this website and check it frequently. The FDA’s website is a helpful resource, and we highly recommend spending some time familiarizing yourself with it. We promise you’ll learn something new every time you visit!

    RACC Table – CFR
    This CFR Table lists the foods by their product category, reference amount and label statement per the new covers RACCs (serving sizes of foods that can reasonably be consumed at one eating occasion). For the final ruling on the RACCs and the FDA’s process behind it, visit the RACC Documentation page.

    New Nutrition Facts Documentation – CFR
    This is the CFR section on the Nutrition Labeling of Food. Here you will find the exhaustive regulatory requirements for labeling.

    New Supplement Facts Label Documentation – CFR
    This is the CFR section on the Nutrition Labeling of Supplements. Here you will find the exhaustive regulatory requirements for labeling.

    Food Labeling: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels
    Supporting background information for the 2016 Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels. If you are looking for more details regarding the definition of Added Sugar or the new definition of Dietary Fiber, this is the place to go.

    ESHA Resources

    The following ESHA resources provide information on the new label regulations as well as how we have incorporated the new regulations in Genesis R&D.

    ESHA New Label Blog Series
    Our blog series provides further details on the new Dietary Fiber definition, nutrient changes, new format requirements, and why you might need to use the Dual Column label more frequently now.

    ESHA Webinar Series
    These three webinars address the new label regulations, provides an in-depth overview of the nutrient changes, and offers user best practices for transitioning from the pre-existing labels to the new label formats.

    eBook: FDA Nutrition Facts Label Changes Guide
    This comprehensive eBook delves into the far-reaching and numerous changes in nutrients and Daily Values that apply to the labels.

    LinkedIn Community
    Join our LinkedIn Community to learn more about ESHA, get information on the industry at large, and connect with some of our experts.

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