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    January 7, 2022

    Over and Above Taco Tuesdays® | Taco John’s Elevates its Food Safety Strategy

    The fast-growing Mexican quick-service restaurant, Taco John’s, with over 400 locations in 23 states, makes a food safety commitment to its customers by joining forces with FoodLogiQ in 2022.

    Back in 1968, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, two businessmen opened a one-of-a-kind taco stand. Taco lovers fled to that first stand for its fusion of distinctive flavors and south-of-the-border spices. Fast forward 53 years later, Taco John’s is the creator of Taco Tuesday®. But no matter what day of the week it is, fans across 23 states still head to Taco John’s to Olé The Day with bigger. bolder. better. tacos made with premium ingredients and, of course, its legendary Potato Olés® - otherwise known as little slices of heaven that are round bites of crunchy potato, cooked fresh and sprinkled with a signature blend of bold spices. 

    Taco John’s takes tacos very seriously, which is why the popular quick-service restaurant kicked off the new year by teaming up with FoodLogiQ Connect to be at the industry’s forefront of food safety. 

    “By purchasing the full-suite of FoodLogiQ Connect, our short-term objective is to integrate each product within the platform so that suppliers can adapt to new documentation compliance,” said Brando Tijerina, manager of quality assurance at Taco John’s. “We want our suppliers and restaurants to be addicted to FoodLogiQ Connect. Food safety for our customers is at the heart of that addiction.”  

    With the new software, Taco John’s guests can make informed decisions about the foods they order. Even as the brand continues to quickly grow nationwide, some things at Taco John’s – like its uncompromising standards of food quality – will always remain the same. 

    “Partnering with the owners of Taco Tuesdays is a tremendous benefit for FoodLogiQ,” said Katy Jones, Chief Operating Officer for FoodLogiQ. “As Taco John’s expands across the country, FoodLogiQ Connect will grow with them by having the necessary documentation and traceability for food safety.” 

    Taco John’s takes tacos very seriously, and their decision to have FoodLogiQ Connect solidifies that philosophy.

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