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    May 4, 2018

    Showing the Specific Source of Sugar Alcohol on a Nutrition Facts Label

    If your food product contains sugar alcohol and you want to make a claim about sugar alcohol, total sugars, or added sugars on your package, you must list the sugar alcohols on your Nutrition Facts label. (If you don’t make a claim on your package, sugar alcohol display is voluntary.)

    You have two options for disclosing this information on your label:

    • If a food contains multiple sugar alcohols then the nutrient name should be listed as “Sugar Alcohol” (OR for products sold in Canada, it should be listed as Sugar Alcohol, Polyalcohol, or Polyol).
    • If a food contains only one type of sugar alcohol, then the label can list the name of the specific sugar alcohol, e.g. sorbitol, lactitol, erythritol, etc.

    In Genesis R&D Foods, users have the ability to display the specific sugar alcohol (e.g. Sorbitol) on the label instead of the generic “Sugar Alcohol.”

    How to show a specific source of sugar alcohol on your label

    Since Sugar Alcohol is a voluntary nutrient it won’t automatically appear on your Nutrition Facts Label so you will have to manually add it. Here are the steps you can take in Genesis R&D Foods:

    1. With your Recipe open, click View Label.
    2. Click Edit Label and select Voluntary Nutrients.
    3. Check Sugar Alcohol.
    4. Click OK and you can see it’s now on the label.
      sugar alcohol on a nutrition facts label
    5. Again, go to Edit Label. This time, select Nutrient Options.
    6. Expand Sugar Alcohol.
    7. Type “Sorbitol” in the English Specific Sugar Alcohol text field.
    8. Click OK and “Sorbitol” now appears on the label.
      sorbitol sugar alcohol on a nutrition facts label

    Watch the Tutorial:

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