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    May 12, 2022

    Spring '22 Release: Advancements in Data, Reporting, and Resolution

    FoodLogiQ's Spring 2022 Release is focused on connecting supply chain data within traceability, enhanced reporting, and improving speed to resolution for CAPAs and recalls.

    As with all of our releases, the Spring 2022 FoodLogiQ Connect Release was guided by industry drivers and direct customer feedback.  With this release, we have enhanced incident and audit use cases, expanded Connect Data Links within Track + Trace, and made several Recall + Response updates to help further reduce the time to respond in recall scenarios. 

    For Manage + Monitor customers implementing corrective actions to address supply chain compliance, users now have the ability to launch an incident immediately following the completion of the corrective action. This increased connectivity within the product will reduce the time to resolution for the CAPA and provide higher-level analytics surrounding the CAPA time-to-completion. 

    FoodLogiQ’s Spring Release also expands on connecting data throughout the supply chain with the expansion of Connect Data Links. FoodLogiQ Connect hosts an immense quantity and array of supply chain data, ranging from supplier documents to quality incidents, traceability events, and investigations to product holds, withdrawals, and removals. Connect Data Links provide the ability to identify relationships between different items or data elements across the platform and associate them with one another. Our Spring 2022 Release expands on Connect Data Links within Track + Trace, specifically the linkage of Critical Tracking Events to other FoodLogiQ elements, such as documents like certificates of analysis or inspection orders or incidents that may arise as the product is being traced along the supply chain. 

    Within FoodLogiQ Connect’s built-in reporting functionality, we have added several new enhancements to add to the robustness and ease of the feature set.   Highlights of the additional reports include: 

    • Additional Audit and Assessment reports comparing the number of audits performed at locations, products, or against suppliers
    • Additional grouping options when comparing audit results by location, product, or supplier
    • Ability to label with an average score depicted by the hyphenated line when comparing audits 
    • Additional filtering on Assigned Role within Audit and Assessment reports

    For Recall + Response, enhancements were made to continue to improve efficiency in product removals, aiming to reduce the time it takes to respond to a recall.  Administrators executing product withdrawals can now opt to require attachments through Supporting Documentation when locations respond to a withdrawal request, thereby ensuring photographic evidence is included with responses. 

    FoodLogiQ continues to expand the number of languages supported across the Connect platform.  Adding to our existing English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Chinese languages, this release includes introducing the Thai language to FoodLogiQ Connect for desktop users.

    The above functionality and additional features delivered in FoodLogiQ’s Spring 2022 Release are currently live in FoodLogiQ Connect. We encourage you to log in to Connect to experience the new features, as well as consult our Knowledge Base for more information and accompanying resources.

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