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    May 16, 2024

    Unlock New Levels of Supplier Collaboration and Compliance with Trustwell's Spring 2024 FoodLogiQ Release

    This spring, Trustwell is thrilled to introduce pivotal updates to its FoodLogiQ Compliance and FoodLogiQ Quality Management solutions, designed to streamline your operations and enhance your supply chain management capabilities. Our latest release focuses on empowering businesses with greater flexibility, improved efficiency, and comprehensive visibility into supplier performance. Here's everything you need to know about the standout features in the Spring 2024 release.

    Introducing Supplier Scorecards: A Game-Changer in Supplier Management

    The highlight of our Spring 2024 release is the launch of Supplier Scorecards within FoodLogiQ Compliance. This completely new experience in FoodLogiQ allows you to evaluate supplier performance dynamically, using data-driven insights derived from audits, incidents, documents, and custom variables over time. Supplier Scorecard DetailAdministrators can now configure scorecard templates to reflect specific performance metrics, ensuring that supplier evaluations are tailored to meet the unique standards and objectives of their business.

    Revamped Audit Scheduler for More Flexibility

    FoodLogiQ’s Audit Scheduler has received a key update to provide more flexibility in managing recurring audits and assessments. You can now set custom intervals in days, weeks, months, or years. Additionally, a new trigger option lets you base the recurrence of audits on the date of audit submission, rather than creation, offering more precise control over scheduling.

    Enhanced Product Workflow Collaboration2024 Spring FLQ Release - Product Lock

    We're excited to roll out significant enhancements to our product workflow management. The new capabilities allow administrators to configure locked statuses within a product's workflow, enhancing change management and collaboration with suppliers. This feature is crucial for maintaining strict control over product updates and ensuring that all changes undergo appropriate reviews and approvals before implementation.

    Other Notable Updates

    • Mobile Logout Policy Customization: Enhance mobile application security and user experience by defining logout times per role. This ensures that users can complete tasks without disruption, supporting efficient workflow management on the go.

    • Internal IDs in Product Selection: The addition of internal IDs during product selection simplifies the process of identifying items for withdrawals, making this task quicker and more accurate.

    Stay Updated

    Ensure your team is ready to take full advantage of these new features; speak with a member of our team today to schedule a product demonstration. You can also connect with us on our social media channels and read our latest blog posts for tips, updates, and insights from industry leaders.

    Learn More: For more information on this product release, check out the Spring FoodLogiQ 2024 Release Notes. If you have questions or want further information on the technical updates for this release, reach out to

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