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    July 3, 2024

    Spring 2024 Genesis Foods Release: Expanded International Label Formats

    We're thrilled to announce the Spring 2024 Release of Genesis Foods, packed with new features and enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and improve functionality. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

    Expanded International Authority Support

    Canada and Mexico Authority Labels2024 Spring Genesis Release - Canada Bilingual Label

    Users can now create labels under the Canadian and Mexican Authorities with full support for their specific nutrient lists and allergen requirements. Options for bilingual labels in English/French for Canada and Spanish monolingual labels for Mexico are available, along with customizable number rounding rules for Mexico Labels.



    Australia/New Zealand Authority Labels

    Genesis Foods now supports creating Nutrient Fact Panels compliant with Australian / New Zealand labeling regulations. This includes mandatory allergen declarations at the ingredient level.

    Multi-Authority Selection

    Multi-Authority Selection

    In the User Preferences screen, you can pre-select Authorities that your organization reports under. This feature streamlines the process by narrowing down the Authority Nutrient Lists to only the relevant items, simplifying your nutrient management tasks, and also allows you to choose from the pre-selected authorities on the label screen to create a compliant label.

    New U.S. Daily Value Recommendation Profiles

    We’ve expanded our labeling capabilities to include new Daily Value profiles for Infants, Children, and Pregnant/Lactating individuals. Labels can now be tailored with single profiles (Adult, Infant, Child, Pregnant/Lactating) or dual profiles for Infant/Child, enhancing accuracy and compliance for specific demographics.

    recommendation profile

    Introducing AskReg

    Trustwell's New AI-powered Regulatory Assistant

    Trustwell's AskReg is an advanced assistant for navigating the complexities of regulations in the food, food safety, and supplement manufacturing industries. Engineered to understand and respond to queries in natural language, AskReg simplifies the search for relevant regulations. We'll be sharing more details about the powerful capabilities of AskReg in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!


    User Roles and Management

    Genesis Foods introduces three user roles: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. Admins have full edit access as well as user management permissions, including inviting new users and deactivating accounts. Editors can create new Ingredients, Recipes, and Labels, while Viewers can access account content and run reports. This structured approach enhances security and collaboration within your team.

    The Spring 2024 Release of Genesis Foods brings a host of new features and enhancements aimed at improving user experience and compliance. Whether you're managing ingredients, creating recipes, or generating labels, these updates are designed to make your tasks more efficient and accurate. For further details about the features included in the release, take a look at the Genesis Foods 2024 Spring Release Notes.

    Explore the new Genesis Foods today and see how these enhancements can benefit your organization!

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