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    July 9, 2024

    State of Food Traceability, Role of Technology in Food Safety, CEO Katy Jones Insights

    In this special episode of the Food Tech Talk podcast, Lydia Adams sits down with Katy Jones, CEO of Trustwell, to discuss the current state of the food industry, the crucial role of technology in food traceability, and Trustwell's vision for the future. Katy shares insights from her extensive experience and recent engagements, including her comments to the FDA and the company's innovative strides in capturing over 200 million critical tracking events.

    The Importance of Technology in Food Safety

    Katy emphasizes the critical role technology plays in advancing food safety and traceability. Trustwell's ability to capture over 200 million critical tracking events underscores the importance of data in monitoring and ensuring food safety. Katy’s participation in FDA discussions highlights the need for technology providers to contribute to regulatory frameworks and ensure that the industry remains aligned with evolving standards.

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    The Current State of Food Traceability

    Food traceability is a hot topic in the industry, with varying levels of readiness among companies. Katy discusses the challenges and opportunities in data capture and quality, highlighting the significance of standardized data exchange. She points out that while technologies like RFID are promising, there is still a need for the industry to mature in terms of data ingestion and standards. Trustwell's partnership with organizations like GS1 US is a step towards achieving this standardization.

    Emerging Technologies and Innovations

    Emerging technologies such as ambient IoT present exciting opportunities for the food industry. Katy explains how these innovations can bridge the gap in the adoption curve, making data capture more accessible and cost-effective. Trustwell's focus on leveraging data beyond food safety to improve operations, logistics, and financial performance is a key aspect of their strategy. By demonstrating the broader business impact of traceability data, Trustwell is helping companies see the value in investing in these technologies.

    "Ambient IoT is a very exciting opportunity for the food industry. It does help bridge the gap in that adoption curve."

    Katy Jones

    Katy Jones
    CEO, Trustwell

    Regulatory Environment and Future Trends

    Looking ahead, the regulatory environment is expected to see significant changes, particularly in labeling regulations. Katy discusses the potential for increased front-of-pack labeling and the adoption of two-dimensional barcodes. The use of artificial intelligence to analyze data and identify risks more quickly is another area of focus for Trustwell. These advancements are not only about meeting compliance standards but also about providing consumers with more information and enhancing overall food safety.

    Trustwell’s Vision and Personal Commitment

    Katy’s personal connection to food safety, inspired by her son's life-threatening tree nut allergy, drives her commitment to transparency and consumer safety. Trustwell’s integrated platform aims to connect food formulation, supplier management, traceability, and recall processes, providing comprehensive data to consumers and enhancing food safety. Katy envisions a future where a simple QR code scan can provide consumers with comprehensive information about a product's journey, nutritional content, and safety status.

    Advice for Industry Professionals

    Katy advises new food industry professionals to challenge the status quo and push for innovation. She draws parallels to other industries, such as logistics, where significant advancements have been made by embracing change and technology. Her call to action encourages professionals to advocate for traceability and transparency within their organizations. By challenging existing practices and advocating for better traceability, new professionals can contribute to a safer and more transparent food supply chain.

    Listen to the Full Episode

    This episode of Food Tech Talk offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of food traceability and the pivotal role of technology. Katy Jones’ vision and dedication to food safety underscore Trustwell's mission to enhance transparency and consumer confidence in the food supply chain. 

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