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    October 3, 2023

    Tech Innovation and the Future of Food: Sneak Peek of Virtual reCONNECT 2023

    As we look toward a future with a safer global food supply chain for all food technology innovations serve as critical enablers for success. But how do we get there?

    At reCONNECT 2023, Trustwell featured several live and on-demand sessions highlighting the latest technologies in the food industry that are paving a way for a safer food future. These sessions introduced some of the leading trends across the global food supply chain that are transforming food safety and influencing how businesses manufacture, ship, track, and craft food products. If you missed the event, you can still register to hear from experts in the industry – and some of Trustwell’s very own – as they explore both the unique challenges of the industry and innovative technological solutions available in the field today.

    Exploring the myriad solutions and innovations in the industry is a major theme at Trustwell’s sixth annual Virtual reCONNECT. Register today and check your email for an exclusive email access, and don't miss out on these discussions on challenges and opportunities shaping the future of food technology today.

    Building Resilient Supply Chains Through Technological Innovation

    Tech innovation in the food industry continues to transform the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed. New technologies in this space, whether aimed at food traceability or capturing food quality issues before they reach consumers, are enabling businesses to improve food safety and quality as well as maintain consumer trust.

    Particularly in the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) New Era of Smarter Food Safety, new and developing regulations are encouraging businesses to invest in tech innovation to improve global food safety efforts. In such a complex and rapidly evolving industry, though, this effort can be overwhelming. And with advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), stricter global regulations, supply chain disruptions, and more, companies may not know where to start but must face these challenges head-on.

    To tackle some of the complexities of supply chain data, day one of reCONNECT offered an on-demand sessions called “A New Era in Data Carriers: 1D, 2D, RFID, and Ambient IoT” with Trustwell’s Julie McGill and joined by Steve Statler (CMO for Wiliot) and Jeanne Duckett (Senior Manager with Avery Dennison). During the session, attendees learned about the latest efforts in supply chain visibility, how these systems can improve accuracy and minimize errors, and how implementing new technologies can streamline traceability efforts and help companies align on FSMA 204 compliance (another hot topic of discussion at reCONNECT this year). The panel dove into the use of barcode technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), ambient Internet of Things (IoT), and vision software to give our attendees a primer on understanding these essential technologies.

    Then on day three, reCONNECT attendees heard from GS1 US’s SVP of Innovation and Partnerships, Melanie Nuce-Hilton, on how businesses can craft a digital and physical plan to bolster supply chain resilience. During the talk, “A ‘Phygital’ Approach to Resilient Supply Chains”, Julie McGill chatted with Melanie on the challenges facing companies today – from mounting regulations to supply chain disruptions – and explored how companies have been able to successfully navigate these challenges through the use of automation, data collection, and enhanced visibility.

    Register today for reCONNECT 2023

    Creating Efficient Global Supply Chain Efforts

    When food safety issues do occur, it is essential for food companies to respond rapidly to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses to consumers. And how a company responds will also impact their reputation in the market. But as businesses grow across international markets, controlling quality and preparing for recalls becomes more complex.

    BrandonThat is why reCONNECT is hosting two sessions on international recall preparation, with the first titled “Expanding Internationally: How Whole Foods Market Launched Recalls in Their UK Stores.” Brandon Gallenstein, the Senior Process Improvement Analyst for Whole Foods Market, provided his unique insight into shifting recall efforts across an expanding global market. After successfully launching FoodLogiQ Recall in US stores, Brandon and his team harnessed similar strategies to apply recall efforts in their UK stores, prepared for the major regulatory differences, and shared how Trustwell’s technology made the transition efficient and thorough.

    And lastly, day two continued the discussion on international recall management with Five Guy’s leaders Natalja Page and Manuel Perez, for the talk: “Preparedness in Recall and Incident Management: Navigating Recalls on an International Scale.” Their team shared how mock recalls became an essential component of their international recall strategy, and how technology not only facilitated more realistic mock recalls, but also made the real deal more effective, rapid, and efficient.


    The Essentials of Technology: Leadership Buy-In, Interoperability, and Cybersecurity in Food Tech

    When it comes to choosing the right technology, there are many factors at play that can influence your business’ final decision. At reCONNECT, we tackled some of those complexities with these exciting on-demand sessions:

    • Investing in technology is a big decision, which is why leadership buy-in is an essential part of the process. Jeremy Schneider, VP of Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Salad & Go, hosted a discussion on this very topic on day three: “Leadership Buy-in: Building a Business Case for Technology.” Attendees learned how to communicate the value of solutions, how Salad & Go adopted technology across their organization, and how to focus on results in this exciting session.
    • There are technologies for everything out there, and not all solutions are capable of sharing data or communicating with each other. Luckily, data partnerships and interoperability make some technological solutions a lot easier to navigate. At Trustwell, our recent partnership with Specright’s supply chain data network is expediting the process for launching new products to market. Hear from Trustwell’s Lydia Adams, as well as Specright CEO Matthew Wright, during “The Easy Button: How Specright and Genesis Work Together to Seamlessly Bring Product to Market.
    • Unfortunately, with new technology also comes new threats. And while many companies are finding efficient solutions through technology, they may also be opening up vulnerabilities into their data and operations. That’s why every data decision must also consider the security of that data. To touch on the importance of this topic in the food industry, CEO of AnzenSage, Kristin Demoranville, hosted an on-demand session on day 3 titled: “Guarding the Gate: Cybersecurity’s Crucial Role in the Food Industry.” This essential discussion dove into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, and how every process from production, distribution, and consumption can be safeguarded through a proactive cybersecurity approach.

    Hear About the Latest Tech Innovation in Food at reCONNECT 2023

    There’s much to be excited about in the food industry today, particularly when it comes to innovative solutions that enable businesses to meet their food safety goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking for guidance on the right solution for your business or want to hear about how industry peers have successfully navigated their own food safety and quality challenges, this year’s reCONNECT is a must-attend event. If you missed the event, you can still register today and receive exclusive access to the recorded sessions via an email invite. 

    Join Trustwell in our mission to change the food industry for the better and register for Virtual reCONNECT to learn from leaders about food technology, food safety, and regulatory compliance.

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