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    May 23, 2018

    Using Calorie Ranges for Menu Labeling Compliance

    Question: When can I use a range of calories on my menus and menu boards?
    There are some instances when the rules allow you to display a range of calories instead of individual calorie amounts in order to comply with the new menu labeling rules. This blog will cover those cases and show you how to use the Calorie Range feature in Genesis R&D.

    Variable Options

    When your menu or menu board lists two options (i.e., grilled or fried) you can display calories for the two styles separated by a forward slash. If you have items with three or more choices for menu items in a combo meal, you can list calories as a range for all options.

    Variable Options

    • Sandwich (grilled or fried) 350/550 Cal
    • Sandwich (grilled/baked/fried) 350-550 Cal

    Combination Meals

    • Cheeseburger, with salad or chips 450/550 Cal
    • Cheeseburger, with salad, fruit or chips, 450-550 Cal

    Flavor Variety

    If you have items with two flavor options (i.e., strawberry and chocolate) you can display calories for the two flavors separated by a forward slash. If there are three or more flavors the calories can be listed as a range.

    Milkshakes (One Size)

    • Small Milkshake (strawberry and chocolate): 500/530 Cal
    • Small Milkshake (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate): 490-530 Cal

    Milkshakes (Multiple Sizes/Flavors)

    • Small Milkshake (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate): 490-530 Cal
    • Medium Milkshake (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate): 590-630 Cal
    • Large Milkshake (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate): 800-840 Cal

    Size Variety

    Items with a range of sizes when the content remains the same. A good example of this is coffee (small, medium and large sizes).

    Coffee (Small, Medium, or Large)

    • Dark Roast Coffee (1-5 Cal)
    • Iced Coffee (1-4 Cal)
    • Latte (130-320 Cal)
    • Iced Latte (100-280 Cal)

    Pizza Toppings

    If you offer more than two sizes, you can use a calorie value for each individual size or show calories for a single slice of the standard pizza with a range of calories for the additional toppings.

    Pizza Toppings

    • Pepperoni adds 25-75 Cal/slice
    • Pineapple adds 10-30 Cal/slice

    Creating a Menu Label in Genesis R&D

    Genesis R&D makes complying with the FDA’s menu labeling regulations easy with the Menu Label and Menu Label Report. This tutorial shows you how to create Menu Labels and display calorie ranges for menu items in Genesis R&D.

    Wistia video thumbnail

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