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    November 5, 2019

    Finding Recipes That Use A Certain Ingredient

    Customers often ask us, How can I find a list of Recipes that contain a particular Ingredient? The Answer? By using the “Within Item Search” in the Advanced Search box.

    Being able to find all recipes that contain a particular ingredient is useful for a variety of situations, including when you have to reformulate an ingredient (Genesis R&D) and rework a Diet Recall (Food Processor).

    This blog will briefly discuss the instructions for using this feature. Or you can check out this tutorial.

    1. Choose Open > Recipe

    2. Click the “Advanced Search” button.

    3. Type in the name of the ingredient you are searching for and select “Search within items for matches to the above criteria.”

    4. Click “Search.”

    5. The results will show all recipes that use the ingredient you are looking for.

    Watch the Tutorial

    Video Thumbnail

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