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    January 16, 2020

    Food Safety Matters: Partnering on Food Traceability and Transparency

    Listen to FoodLogiQ’s Katy Jones and Avery Dennison’s Jeanne Duckett in conversation with Food Safety Magazine about the FDA’s latest food safety initiative, as well as building visibility into the food supply chain by implementing new technologies.

    Enjoy the full Food Safety Matters Episode: Partnering on Food Traceability and Transparency.

    Food Safety Matters is a podcast hosted by the Food Safety Magazine editorial team featuring conversations with food safety professionals about their experiences safeguarding the world’s food supply.

    In this episode, FoodLogiQ’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Katy Jones and the Leader of Avery Dennison’s Transparency Initiative Development Jeanne Duckett take on the questions: What does the digital supply chain look like? How far along are we today? How will the industry benefit from tech-enabled exchange?

    Food Safety Magazine Publisher Stacy Atchison introduces the episode, explaining, “it’s hard to keep talking about recalls, outbreaks, and foodborne illnesses, without being able to also discuss solutions.” Jones and Duckett discuss how technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning, RFID and digitized event data are creating promising avenues for a New Era of Smarter Food Safety: the FDA’s latest initiative launched in 2019 under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas.

    The Smarter Food Safety initiative, which is designed to be people-led, FSMA-based, and technology-enabled, is a directive to the food industry to take more innovative steps towards a safer global supply chain. Tune in to hear what Jones and Duckett have to say about the food safety opportunities, obstacles and solutions for entering this new era in 2020.

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