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    April 13, 2023

    Salad And Go Turns to Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Solution for Growth, Transparency, and Trust

    Trustwell welcomes Salad and Go to our community of customers leading the charge in building a more transparent supply chain.

    Rapid growth can be both an exciting and intimidating time for businesses. You’re eager to see your business open new locations, expand your products, and reach new customers. But when it comes time to look at the little steps along the way, the process can get intimidating fast.

    Salad and Go is a one-stop-shop for food at any time of day, providing a variety of healthy meals including salads, wraps, breakfast burritos, and soup as well as refreshing beverages such as hand-crafted lemonades, teas, and cold brew coffees. The chef-curated menu provides high-value, made-to-order options for guests with the easy convenience and affordability of drive-thru service. While they began the year with just over 80 stores, their goal is to expand to 135 by the end of the year. With a lofty goal to open another 50+ stores, the Salad and Go team knew they needed to find a strategic approach to how they would scale their technology during this expansion era.

    The team with Salad and Go understands that opening new stores means working with new suppliers, necessitating a swift onboarding process and increased documentation. Salad and Go is also proactively preparing for any assessments as they expanded, ensuring their processes are well established ahead of any potential audits. The company also aims to track incidents across their store network, so they can build a culture of food safety and quality from the ground up. Lastly, with the recent finalization of the Food Safety Modernization Act, Section 204 (FSMA 204), they knew they would need to enhance their traceability practices so they can achieve compliance ahead of the 2026 deadline.

    With these aggressive growth goals, they had a lot to tackle within their supply chain. Luckily, they had a partner in mind, which is why they reached out to Trustwell to discuss our FoodLogiQ supplier management and incident-tracking solutions. “Our long-term vision is focused on growth,” shared Salad and Go CEO, Charlie Morrison, “which is why it was so important for us to find a technology partner like Trustwell that focuses on scalability, transparency, and quality. It’s challenging to make changes in company operations when there are hundreds, if not thousands of store locations, so starting early will engrain the necessary habits into the processes to ensure food safety and compliance from the beginning.”

    Charlie Morrison and his team had seen how FoodLogiQ’s solutions have worked for other major brands, like Chipotle. As they grow, they didn’t want supplier management and documentation compliance to slow them down or create potential auditing pitfalls. And while they focus their efforts on offering fresh and healthy food to consumers, many of the foods they offer include ingredients on the Food Traceability List. As a result, they also needed to have complete transparency along their supply chain and the right documentation steps in place to establish FSMA 204 compliance.

    At its core, Salad and Go’s primary objective is to provide customers with better, healthier, and faster high-quality food. Leveraging enhanced traceability, improved supplier management and communication, and a customizable solution that can scale with their growth, Salad and Go has found a perfect food safety partner in Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ solution.

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