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    May 2, 2023

    Trustwell Launches the Next Generation of Genesis Foods

    As we recently announced, Trustwell is excited to introduce a new iteration of its flagship product to food and beverage industry leaders. Genesis Foods is a SaaS solution built on decades of industry expertise with a streamlined user interface that offers fast and intuitive product formulation while assisting users with regulatory compliance with built-in data checks and alerts.

    “We’re thrilled to be launching the next generation of Genesis Foods. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that meets the needs of food companies across the industry, from small food start-ups to large food manufacturers and corporate retailers,” said Stephen Bruce, CEO of Trustwell. “For businesses that are struggling with the complexity and time-consuming nature of food labeling and recipe management, Genesis Foods is a game-changer.” 

    Now, while it may share the name with our previous version of Genesis Foods (the latest of which is version 11.13), this next generation of the product offers some distinct differences from its classical predecessor. Most notably, the dashboard provides a streamlined user interface with fast, intuitive formulation and data entry.

    A peak into the new user interface for Genesis Foods, with streamlined recipe creation.


    Faster Recipe Formulation, Accurate Calculations, and Intuitive Nutrition Analysis

    Similarly to the Genesis Foods of before, the latest iteration includes access to our comprehensive database with almost 89,000 ingredients and whole foods pre-populated with nutritional data. The nutrition database pulled into Genesis Foods (formerly known as the ESHA Nutrition Database) has been a staple in the industry for over 30 years, setting a gold-standard for nutritional analysis and recipe formulation in the food and beverage industry.

    Genesis Food users can quickly create recipes, adjust formulas, and access comprehensive nutritional data within seconds from the software. And with built-in calculations based on FDA 2016 labeling regulations, R&D leaders can quickly transition from creating a recipe to populating a compliant Nutrition Facts label that considers FDA rounding rules, Percent Daily Values (%DVs), and other essential nutrient calculations. This means faster launches when developing new products, more accurate calculations when determining nutrient content, and an overall easier recipe formulation process for R&D leaders.

    Simplifying Complex Label Regulations and Allergen Declarations

    The regulations around Nutrition Facts labels can be complicated, and getting the nutrient calculations correct, as well as the necessary declarations, formatting, and more, can easily become overwhelming. Luckily, our updated Genesis Foods makes the entire process a lot simpler.

    Our development team works closely with our regulatory team, so the regulations released by the FDA can be fully and accurately coded into the system. That way, when R&D leaders turn a recipe into a label, Genesis Foods will generate a regulatory-compliant Nutrition Facts label that accurately applies rounding rules and calculates the appropriate %DV for each nutrient to ensure FDA compliance. All the R&D leader needs to do is review the final product for compliance.

    But it is not just the label that Genesis Foods provides. The system also has built-in guardrails to assist with allergen declarations and other essential elements. Specifically with allergies, research has shown undeclared allergens are one of the most common causes of food recalls in recent years. Our simple drag-and-drop allergen feature built into the system is essential for both accurate declarations and consumer safety. Users can add allergens to either the “Contains,” “May Contain,” or “Not Present” categories, and R&D leaders can review the final product for accurate declarations.

    And when new regulatory changes happen, as they often do, our team is diligent to quickly update our system with the latest government guidance before a compliance date arrives.

    Organize Recipes and Ingredients and Review Versions All in One Dashboard

    Managing a recipe and ingredient database can get cumbersome if you have thousands of ingredients and hundreds of food products. Even if you only have a few recipes but manage them in spreadsheets, you likely struggle to organize and manage the data. Plus, when users change or update recipes, records of old recipes or versions can get lost, making it difficult to test or compare old versus new recipes and their nutrient profile.

    Luckily, our team understands how essential organization is to the R&D leaders’ workflow, which is why the next generation of Genesis Foods includes some essential features like:

    • Tags: Tags are customizable to your company’s needs, and you can use them to sort recipe or ingredient information. For example, you can use tags to sort gluten-free items, Kosher-tested foods, foods in testing versus final version foods, or make a brand-new tag based on your company’s naming conventions. Tags let you get creative based on your company needs, so if you refer to categories as an acronym like “TN” for “Tree Nuts,” you can add this tag to ingredients or recipes for easier search.
    • Versioning and Approvals: To help companies track product changes or test the nutrient info and labels of various formulas, we have included a versioning and approvals process in the software. Once a change is approved, the system assigns a version number and captures the date and time the record was modified and locks it from being accidentally changed in the future. If the record is later updated, the system will prompt for another review and approval, and will save another version alongside the previous version. A new version will be created for every version approved, so you can easily view historic records.

    But these fantastic features are just the beginning. A part of Trustwell’s product plan with Genesis Foods is to create an agile system that can quickly adjust to changing government regulations and the needs of our customers. What we’ve covered is the beginning, and we are eager to release more features soon.

    Streamline Your R&D Process with the Next Generations of Genesis Foods

    If you have labels to create and recipes to formulate and organize, request a demonstration of Genesis Foods with our team to learn how our solution can simplify labeling and recipe creation for your organization. And to learn more about Trustwell’s suite of SaaS solutions for the food and dietary supplement industry, connect with our team today.

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