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    February 15, 2024

    Winter 2024 FoodLogiQ Release: Elevating Key Feature Usability

    Our Winter 2024 FoodLogiQ release is here, bringing with it a suite of enhancements designed to streamline operations and reinforce our commitment to helping our customers meet exceptional food safety and compliance standards. In this post you'll learn more about the highlights of this release and explore how these updates can benefit your business. 

    Trustwell’s Winter 2024 FoodLogiQ release is designed with our users in mind, aiming to simplify processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are met. As always, we’re excited to see how these changes help you in managing your food safety and compliance needs more effectively. 

    FoodLogiQ Quality Management

    Redesigned Incident Management Pane  

    Our Quality Management product takes a leap forward with a sleeker view of incident details, enabling users to review and advance incidents more efficiently.

    blog photo 1

    blog picture 2

    Additional product and location information is now viewable directly on the incident form. The new incidents experience now includes direct links to important information like:

    • Suppliers
    • Locations
    • Products
    • Distributors

    Moreover, we’ve tied in launch actions to quickly view related events or initiate a withdrawal, automatically pulling information from the incident into your withdrawal to accelerate the launch process in critical situations.

    FoodLogiQ Compliance

    Enhanced User Experience in Audits and Assessments  

    The submission process for audits and assessments has been refined. Users will now find a more intuitive interface, culminating in a “Submit” button on the final page of the assessment, replacing the previous “Next” button. This small but significant change simplifies the submission process, making compliance easier than ever.

    Improved Document Management  

    We’ve resolved issues related to document-type displays in filters, both for Community Owners and Supplier accounts. This ensures more consistent and accurate document management, enhancing overall efficiency and ease of use. 

    FoodLogiQ Traceability 

    Print Labels Directly from Events page 

    We’ve added capabilities to generate and print product labels directly from shipping and transformation events. This feature streamlines label creation, saving time and reducing errors.  

    Sitewide & User Interface 

    Brand-Aligned Dashboard and Workflow Updates  

    Aligning with Trustwell’s brand, the dashboard widgets now feature complementary colors, enhancing the visual appeal and user experience. The workflow user interface has also been updated to reflect our branding, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly environment. 

    Product Management  Improvements  

    Users with view-only permissions can now export product records to PDF, adding to the versatility of our product management tools. We also added the ability to upload non-image files to product records to further expand customizability options.  

    Learn More: For more information on this product release, check out the Winter FoodLogiQ 2024 Release Notes. If you have questions or want further information on the technical updates for this release, reach out to for more.

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