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    March 11, 2024

    Winter 2024 Genesis Foods Release: Appeal to Consumers with Nutrient Content Claims

    We are thrilled to introduce the Winter 2024 Release of Genesis Foods – a significant leap forward in refining and elevating your experience with recipe formulation and nutritional analysis. Read the blog post to learn details about the key updates included in this release:

    Building out Financial Insights: Cost Calculation Feature

    Our latest addition, the Cost calculation feature, empowers users to assign costs per unit for each ingredient. This new feature lays the foundation for future updates to per unit cost visibility, allowing you to calculate the recipe cost per serving or any preferred measure. This feature also provides the flexibility to override the calculated cost at the recipe level for personalized control.



    Catering to Diverse Needs: English/Spanish Bilingual Labels2024-Winter-Release-Genesis-Foods-Blog-Bilingual-Label

    Trustwell customers are businesses from all over the world who operate in many different regulatory environments. To better serve the global nature of our user base, Genesis Foods now supports English/Spanish bilingual Nutrition Facts panels for U.S. label formats. Seamlessly switch between English only and English/Spanish for all available U.S. label formats. In accordance with the FDA’s regulations, English is set as the default first language, with the option to add Spanish as a secondary language. Corresponding fields for serving sizes, servings per container, and other required column headers will automatically display in Spanish.



    Regulatory Compliance with Consumer Appeal: Nutrient Content Claims  

    Every day, consumers select products off the shelf based on packaging claims such as “Fat Free,” “Good Source of Protein,” and others. Packaging and labeling regulations are specific about how and when you can make a nutrient content claim based on defined nutrient thresholds, and understanding the complex regulations governing nutrient content claims can be time-consuming and complicated to D-I-Y.

    We recognize the impact of packaging claims on consumer decisions, and with the latest release of Genesis Foods, have made it easier than ever to create accurate Nutrient Content Claims based on a recipe. Genesis Foods now automates the calculation and display of Nutrient Content Claims from "Low Fat" to "Good Source of Calcium," and more.


    This update to Genesis Foods aligns with regulatory citations and threshold amounts and gives users the ability to compare Nutrient Content Claims sections from one or more recipes to help ensure consistency across products. Users have the flexibility to adjust claims and descriptive text based on the reference amount, with clear regulatory conditions guiding the qualification process.


    We are so excited to bring you the features of the Winter 2024 Genesis Foods Release that reflect our commitment to aligning with the evolving needs of food industry professionals. For further details about the features included in the release, take a look at the Genesis Foods 2024 Winter Release Notes

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