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    November 16, 2023

    Fall 2023 FoodLogiQ Release: Enhanced Data Presentation, Recall Management, Streamlined Incident Reporting

    FoodLogiQ-Login-Screen-TrustwellThe Fall 2023 release of FoodLogiQ brings several enhancements and expanded functionality. Building upon the updates introduced in the summer release, the latest improvements focus on enhancing data visualization and optimizing compliance with FSMA 204. This release also introduces new functionality to FoodLogiQ Recall that will assist customers in further streamlining their withdrawal processes.

    Before diving into these enhancements, we’d like to highlight the most noticeable change: your login screen will now showcase updated branding to align with the Trustwell brand.

    Data Visualization: Widgets, Strengthened Traceability, and More

    Accurate data representation is essential for understanding how your business can improve operations, communicate across the supply chain, and manage quality control.

    To assist our customers in gaining a better understanding of their supply chain data, this release incorporates numerous enhancements to the Supplier Assessment Widgets and other features throughout the software. These improvements aim to help you establish connections between the numbers and events, facilitating a more insightful analysis.

    • Supplier Assessment Widgets: Several assessment widgets have been added to the FoodLogiQ Dashboard that can be tailored to your specific needs and provide real-time updates on a variety of supplier assessment statuses. That way, you can monitor supplier assessment data at-a-glance and swiftly navigate to the list view to further filter the assessments statuses.
    • Linking Incident Data with Events: Users can now connect incidents with relevant events, streamlining the incident submission process and strengthening the traceability and accountability of events captured in the system. To access this update, users simply need to select a purchase order, bill of lading, or an invoice number from a recent event when filing an incident. The data will form dynamic links between the event and corresponding incident accordingly.
    • FSMA 204 Compliance Improvements: Users can now capture event data in FoodLogiQ Traceability for the new Wild Caught Seafood Critical Tracking Event (CTE) in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, Section 204 (FSMA 204) and the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) requirements. As FSMA 204 and GDST are reliant on precise documentation of geo-coordinates and harvesting events, users can improve their compliance alignment with this update.

    Improved Efficiency and Customization for Withdrawals

    Speed is essential when conducting recalls, but so is data accuracy. The latest improvements to FoodLogiQ recall were designed to enhance efficiency and customization during withdrawals.

    • Upgraded Permission Settings: FoodLogiQ Recall has introduced enhanced permission settings, granting administrators the capability to assign specific permissions either individually or by department. This ensures that only authorized users can initiate a recall, while others can review and/or launch the event. This feature offers a means to enforce more rigorous recall management protocols without compromising the collaborative nature of the program.
    • Custom Attributes: Community owners can now include custom attributes for responding locations within a withdrawal, eliminating the need for manual PDFs and attachments. Users can use custom attributes to gather location-specific data during a recall event, enhancing the efficiency and customization of your recall management efforts.

    Learn More: For more information on this product release, check out the Fall FoodLogiQ 2023 Release Notes. If you have questions or want further information on the technical updates for this release, reach out to for more.

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